The 11 year long insurgency increased the number of girls trafficked in the country. The situation of girls working in difficult circumstances has worsened over a past few years. In order to help alleviate the plights of the impacted women, Nagarik Aawaz (NA) strongly felt the need for skill-based training for girls/women from 15 to 35 years of age, the group most vulnerable to being trafficked. Therefore, for the past two years, in financial support of the Asia Foundation/Nepal, NA implemented a two-year program (2005-2007) of training and providing employment opportunities for the women and girls at risk of being trafficked and displaced due to conflict.

Altogether 150 girls/women were provided with the skills training on beautician service, dhaka weaving, foot therapy, thanka painting, gardening, security guard, paper crafts, computer software uses, candle/incense making. Out of these girls/women, 124 have already been placed in different service providers and organizations. With the success of the program and the learning during these two years, it has been realized how important it is to provide women with opportunities for gainful employment so as to ensure their self dependency at the same time preventing them from being trafficked.


  1. To provide income generating skills training for girls/women at risk of trafficking and trafficking survivors.
  2. To raise self esteem and confidence of girls/women.
  3. To make them self reliant by providing employment opportunities.


  1. 56 out of 75 girls/women in first year and 70 out of 75 girls/women in second year got job placement.
  2. Programme supported by Asia Foundation for 2 two years (Dec 2005 – September 2007).
  3. In first year trainings were completed in five areas: Beauticians, computer education, Foot therapy, Floriculture and Dhaka weaving.
  4. In second year trainings were given in the areas of Security Guard, Lokta paper craft, Thanka art, Dhaka weaving, Foot therapy and candle and incense making.
  5. Average salary of participants ranges from Rs. 2500 to Rs. 10000.