Building Lives: Inspiring Hopes | Nagarik Aawaz

Building Lives: Inspiring Hopes


As a part of the joint earthquake relief and recovery work with Tewa, this program is one of the recovery initiatives. Led by Nagarik Aawaz, this initiative establishes a sustainable structure in the community itself to help in vulnerability to shocks either natural or man-made. 25 local youths from 5 districts (Lalitpur, Ramchaap, Gorkha, Sindupalchok and Dhading) works in their community as volunteers to provide psychosocial support for their own community. They received training first-aid psychosocial support. They are active in their community to raise awareness and support to administer psychosocial problems in elders, children and women. Till date this initiatives has been able to provide awareness of psycho-social problem to more than 3000 people, reached 110 people for one-on-one counselling, and have worked with 350+ school children from healing sessions. This program is planned till the mid of 2016.