Our Initiatives

Nagarik Aawaz created the Immediate Relief Fund (In Nepali –”Sahara Kosh”) with thoughtful analysis to support immediate need of the most vulnerable people affected by the conflict usually reached out to Nagarik Aawaz in the time of armed conflict in 2002. This Fund was created with the support from individual donations from the Nepali and international donors. At this current context also Nagarik Aawaz has been providing support to the conflict victims, single women, orphans, who have no support from their extended families and government from this Fund. Through this fund Nagarik Aawaz was able to help in covering the house rent, children’s education, travel cost, funeral cost of the displaced communities living in Kathmandu and medical support to conflict victims during the peak time of the conflict. Besides, the Immediate Relief Fund is being instrumental in responding to the urgent need of the community in terms of financial and psychosocial support. Through this Fund Nagarik Aawaz was able to provide counseling support to the people of Palpa during Feb/March 2006 when the people face major attack in Ilam where the team of Nagarik Aawaz’s counselors provided counseling services to the people. Similarly, the team led by the Founder Ms. Rita Thapa visited Surkhet district during March 2005 to learn the situation and extend possible immediate relief support to the displaced communities talking refuse from Jumla and provided cooking and water dishes, a monthly supply of green vegetables, milk and toiletries. Similarly, through this fund when the incident of brutal massacre, bombing and destruction of property and yearly harvest in Somani Village of Nawalparasi on April 16,2005, a team of the Founder Rita Thapa, Dr. Aruna Upreti (Board Member/Nagarik Aawaz) and Office Assistant Govinda Koirala (Office Assistant) went there to extend possible emergency relief support to the affected family. NA also supported Rs.25000 People’s Movement Fund established at the Kathmandu medical Hospital for treatment and medical assistance to the injured citizen during 19 -day people movement II for democracy from April 6-24 from this. In Nagarik Aawaz’s rich experiences with the conflict victims and from the long-term work of peacebuilding, it is experienced that without this kind of Fund to carry forward the peacebuilding work is difficult and prerequisite for the organizations’ working for peacebuilding.