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Our Initiatives

Due to violent armed conflict during 1996-2006 many more people were being displaced from their districts and staying in relatively safe place in Kathmandu. Among those displaced communities most of them had direct witnessed the killing of their close relatives and families, they themselves have experienced the torture and abuse from the both warring parties (Maoist and the state force) and living in state of anger, trauma and facing hardship to sustain their daily lives. Feeling the necessary to create a forum with a safe space for these conflict victims where they can share their grief and stories among victims group from both side: state and Maoist party and among other people whereby they can release their stress at some extent and heal their traumas, exploring the possible support mechanisms for these victims, Nagarik Aawaz initiated the Interaction program in 2002. Together with the conflict victims Nagarik Aawaz used to invite other concerned development professionals to share their experiences and expertise and finding out the corrective strategy to support these conflict victims so that they sustain themselves emotionally and practically. Besides, this Nagarik Aawaz also used to invite other larger communities to educate them about the impact of the conflict Initially this program was conducted in a bi-annual basis .The program was proved to be effective mechanisms in healing the traumas of these conflict victims, coordinating these victims to different organization for their early support and providing them a kind of livelihood support at some extent. Similarly this program contributed in generating and disseminating the information on conflict and peacebuilding and providing a forum for thoughtful analysis for peace building process. Through this program together with conflict victims Nagarik Aawaz initiated various peace initiatives programs like 21 days peace vigils, 21 days signature campaign by urging the warring parties to come in the consensus give way out to the country. In this current context also Nagarik Aawaz has been continuing this program to address the relevant issues of conflict victims, marginalized communities and other social issues.