NEW VOICES / NEW LEADERS: Women Building Peace & Reshaping Democracy | Nagarik Aawaz

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NEW VOICES / NEW LEADERS: Women Building Peace & Reshaping Democracy


Nagarik Aawaz is implementing “New Voices- New Leaders: Women Building Peace & Reshaping Democracy” program in Nepal in partnership with CREA-New Delhi, India. The program duration is 4 years (January 2012 to December 2015). The major focus of this program is to build leadership capacities of the conflict affected women. Through this program around 140 conflict-affected women’s from 73 districts of Nepal have been receiving leadership development trainings in different phases from basic to advanced level.  The sole objective of this program is to produce them as strong advocates for peace, harmony and women’s rights.

Participants were aware on several pertinent topics: for instance, bills and policies on domestic violence and gender based violence. The participants internalized the concept of peace, violence and conflict. The participants were capacitated with leadership skills as well as group facilitation and communication skills.

After these trainings participants have started asserting their rights in terms of accessing resources, representation and meaningful participation at decision-making level. The training also provided a space for the participants to share their grievances and sorrow. These made them feel lighter and more comfortable. The sessions also raised their confidence, increased their self-esteem & determination level. This made them realize that they are not the only to suffer instilled the faith on collective strength and recognized their power within themselves.