PEACE CENTER | Nagarik Aawaz


Our Initiatives

Nagarik Aawaz conceived the concept of Peace Center in the time of heightened conflict in 2003 with aim to provide the “safe space” for conflict victims from the both side (Maoist and state force) to heal their traumas, which they experienced in 10 years of armed conflict. With Nagarik Aawaz’s rich experiences with the internally displaced youth it was felt that until and unless a common space was created for all – victims, followers of conflicting parties and citizens- it was not possible to build sustainable and just peace. During that period none of the state and non-state mechanism has initiated such type of peace support mechanism, which can support conflict victims, to come together in a safe space where they can share their stories, problems and heal themselves by releasing their fear/stress, reducing their mistrust among people. Peace center played/and still has been playing a vital role in building hope, trust, relation and notion of collectivism among the conflict victims and other marginalized groups which helped/helping them to internalize their potential in making the differences among themselves and in their community which is contributing in peace building process of the country.

At this current context also Peace center has been instrumental in creating space for reconciliation, resource and experience sharing platform for youth and women, community groups, conflict affected and other marginalized communities who face denial of rights, expanding linkages and increasing access to services by the marginalized groups towards addressing structural causes of Peace building and institutionalize peace processes. The ethos of peace center has been also internalized by Nagarik Aawaz’s Sahakarya Shantiko Partner organizations. The services provided by the peace center, in terms of resource center, psychosocial unit and the mediation services has also been instrumental in meeting the needs of the conflict affected and other marginalized groups.