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Psychosocial Support for Torture Survivors Program


Sexual and gender-based violence among women is a pervasive deep rooted problem primarily in the context of war. It was also common feature in nepal in the 10-yearlong armed conflict between the security forces and the Maoist party. During the conflict, women and girls were tortured, raped for suspected association with the Maoists and also for belonging to the families of security forces personnel. Violence, rape and the death of close family members became the inevitable consequences of conflict (women and girls had to suffer the most). There is the lack of social justice, which is clearly visible in the post conflict phase.

This is the collaborative project of Nagarik Aawaz and Women for Human Rights with the funding support of UN Torture Victim Fund for the year 2015-16. It provides psychological assistance, medical, legal and economic sustenance support to women from different district of nepal to the torture victims in the time of the conflict. Initially 10 survivors were selected from different parts of nepal (Surkhet, Kavre and Makwanpur, Bhaktapur).

The main aim of psychological support is to improve their lifestyles with their increased self- esteem where by they can live with dignity and moral integrity. Similarly the other aim is to improve their psychosocial and physical.

This program has been able to provide support to 20 survivors. Most of the participants belong to middle class family. Almost all of them are the breadwinners of the family. In some cases, their husbands are killed; they face tremendous difficulties in societies after their death. They had to go through their partner’s loss and also social stigmatization.

Most of the participants has shown tremendous amount of change in their behaviour and has shown improvement in dignity of life. Medical conditions of most of the participants has also shown major improvement.