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Equal Power Equal Rights


Nagarik Aawaz is implementing Equal Power Equal Rights program in Ilam and Gorkha districts in coordination with Sungava Development Organization-Ilam and Himalayan Area Development Center (HADC) – Gorkha from August 2013 – December 2014 in partnership with Sankalpa. The program is focused in Baguwa, Masel, Taple, Nareshwor and Phinam Village Development Committee (VDC) of Gorkha and Sangrumba, Panchakanya, Barbote, Chamaita and Dhuseni VDCs of Ilam. One Social Activist is working in each wards of the working VDCs of the both districts. Social Activists are mobilizing in the VDCs for empowerment of Women through raising awareness in social- cultural, economic and political aspects.

The Social Activists have monthly meeting and they share and discuss about the issues and problem of women of their respective communities. They discuss and conclude about the monthly action plan in the monthly meeting in coordination and guidance of District Focal Person. The District Focal Person also backstop, coach and monitor the Social Activists.

Under this program different kind of activities are conducted in community and district level. Programs are such; campaign, rally, Interaction, training, orientation etc. within multi-level stakeholders. Social Activists also are actively involved in this type of activities and they become capable for raising awareness in their community.

We can see outcomes in this community. Social Activists are actively working on issues and problem of women in their respective communities. They are initiating different kinds of activities, such as raising awareness, mediation, coordination with local stakeholder and women groups, interactions or discussion, campaigns etc.  Social Activists learns and shares opportunity from this program. Social Activists building strong coordination of community level to district level within different stakeholders for the issues and problem of women. Community people are aware about the violence against women, social discrimination and their rights. Social Activists also make different identity in the community.

Ms. Kabita Devkota- Social Activist of Masel VDC of Gorkha district was said ”After I joined this program, my confidence level has increased.  I got more information and knowledge about human rights, violence against women, gender based violence and meaningful participation of women. Now we are raising awareness in our community about the different issues and problem of women. ”

Ms. Tika Limbu- Social Activist of Panchkanya VDC of Ilam district was said ” This program very important for us. Increased our capacity form the program. The program makes my identity in my community. Now various organization and groups also invite to me as a social activist and women leader.