Our Initiatives

Sahakarya Shantiko Network (A Joint initiative for peace)

With the intention of reweaving social safety nets at the community level by motivating the local people, Nagarik Aawaz conceived and created Sahakarya Shantiko Network in 2003 at the time of armed conflict by involving 12 district level organizations. Similarly, internalizing the fact, the work of peacebuilding requires multiple levels of stakeholders and to amplify the effective peacebuilding work in broader perspective, in the leadership of Nagarik Aawaz, the Sahakarya Shantiko Network was created. The introductory and initial concept design workshop was held from Nagarik Aawaz’s own resources on May 2003 among the member organizations to analyze the district wise context and measuring the effective strategy to carry forward the work of conflict transformation and peacebuilding in respective districts. Similarly, Nagarik Aawaz’s team visited partner organizations in Western region in 2003 and eastern Region in 2004 to begin the process of community mobilization for peace as well as to analyze the situation in the regions. Based on the findings Nagarik Aawaz design and implemented the peacebuilding programs as per the time and context with the partnership of member organizations of Sahakarya Shantiko Network.  This network has been working in 13 districts, Ilam, Danis, Doti, Dang, Surkhet, Bardiya, Banke, Gorkha, Dhading, Rupendehi, Kapilbastu, Bajura and Lalitpur.

This network has been instrumental in engaging and capacitating the local level organization in peace work, creating social safety nets by mobilizing local resources and community people and mobilizing the broader local communities for peacebuilding initiatives. Similarly it was able to create various local peace support mechanism in the form of peace centers, peace ambassadors, counselors, mediators, peace groups, citizen journalist, district pressure groups who are supporting to sustain community peacebuilding of their own districts and contribution to Nepal’s larger Peace Process. Through this network Nagarik Aawaz implemented/and been implementing various peacebuilding programs like:

Communities for peace program (2005/2006) with the partnership of CEDPA Nepal and with the local organizations: Community Development Forum – Doti, Support Nepal – Dhanusha, Sungava Club- Ilam, Gift Bajura- Bajura, Women Association for Marginalized Women-Surkhet and Nagarik Aawaz-Lalitpur/Kathmandu

Youth for peace and reintegration program (2008/2010) with the partnership of The Ford Foundation and with the local partners: Women Association for Marginalized Women – Surkhet, Nepal Women Community Service Center – Dang, Tharu Women Upliftment Center – Bardia and Fatima Foundation – Banke

Women and Youth as Pillars of Sustainable Peace Program with the partnership of EC/Care UK/Care Nepal, Shanti Malika, Nagarik Aawaz and local partners: Focus Nepal – Dhading, Himalayan Area Development Conservation Committee-Gorkha, Namuna Integrated Council-Rupandehi and Kapilvastu.

Rebuilding Social Harmony in the Communities (2012-2015) with the Partnership of ifa and with the local partners Nagarik Aawaz-Lalitpur, Focus Nepal-Dhading, YSP Nepal-Ramechhap and Nepal Women Community Service Center-Dang.