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Our Initiatives

“We make a LIVING by what we GET… But we make a LIFE by what we GIVE.” By Winston Churchill

Living by the above quote, Nagarik Aawaz has been laboriously organizing this noble work since 2004 on every Thursday.

Till date we have organized 498 Shanti Bhancha.

The sole purpose of this philanthropy work is to feed fresh, warm, clean and healthy food to people living in the street, elderlies, street children, people with mental instability and other helpless people.

CONFLICT, NEPAL BANDH, RIOT, & CURFEW has not been able to stop us to do this work.

The number of people has been increasing day-by-day because of the heightened inflation in our country. In an average, 120 people are coming in every Thursday.

This work is carried out by peace volunteers and few of our staffs. People who give their labor for this kitchen express that it is their privilege to work for people who really needs help. People who come to eat in this kitchen are happy and show their love to have healthy and warm food at least once a week. Peace volunteers feel blessed the feed the helpless people food which they have cooked. Many people of the community has become a regular donors to help this noble cause become sustainable. This kitchen is funded by individual donors who believe in giving is living.

People who have came to eat here for more than 5 years express they are getting better because of this support from Nagarik Aawaz.