About Us

Since Nagarik Aawaz’s inception it has been contributing a tremendous support to country’s peace process. It has been able to address the negative impact of the ten years of armed conflict, the deep-rooted mistrust and hatred among people and their community from its innovative peacebuilding initiatives at some extent. The notion of anger/frustration/victimhood which was/and is being still  seen in many more affected youths due to the causes of armed conflict was/is being transformed to forgiveness and reconciliation thorough Nagarik Aaawaz’s creative initiatives. Nagarik Aawaz has been interlinking the psychosocial support and financial support at some extents to those conflicts-affected and marginalized youths, which has led the youth and women to work as community peace builders/leaders for their respective society. The relationship and hope among people are the most important pillars of sustainable peace. Through its creative initiative it has been able to build the trust/hope/self esteem among these conflict affected and other marginalized youth and women with internalization of their potential for the betterment of their society by themselves. They themselves have been able to empower them as resources for change-makers for peace in their society with leaving the notion of victimhood, which is also preventing the chances of trans-generational hatred among conflict-affected communities.

The current political situation where many more conflict affected communities are seeking justice in their lives to move forward in their life with reconciliation is the key issue which needs to properly and respectfully address. Without the self-satisfactions of the victims it is not easy for the victims to go for sustained reconciliation, which is one of the key factors for long-term peacebuilding. Nagarik Aawaz has been working for the individual reconciliation for the conflict-affected youths from its inception however it has to be in the priority agenda of the state and the political parties to work for the political reconciliation together with one to one reconciliation of the victims groups. The prolonged peace process has been contributing in increasing the frustration and desperation among these group, which is leading to decrease their mental and physical status, which could be contributing factor for the eruption of another form of conflict. The state and the political parties should take accountability in sustaining the conflict victims in terms of financial, social, cultural and psychological means with their dignified life, which could be the major challenge for the state but with the thoughtful and analytical homework and the collaboration with social organizations it is all possible. The role of Nagarik Aawaz is also very crucial in mobilizing and engaging its networks for sustained peace in the country.

The other important initiatives, which Nagarik Aawaz has been concentrating to develop the skilled human resources for peace building has to be continued. It should not be limited to its staff members, associated youths or its network members but has to be reached at the larger community. Nagarik Aawaz can be the resource organization for others to learn best practices of the ground breaking conflict transformation and peace building work for other rest of the global community.

Nagarik Aawaz is fortunate to have the skilled expertise in the area of peacebuilding in its various committees like; Advisory Committee, Trustee Committee and its Executive Board from whom Nagarik Aawaz is constantly receiving vital support to scale up its peacebuilding work at a larger level. Giving space to the second line generation and bringing them in a leadership position with the thoughtful process and internal homework is also one of most important example for other organizations to learn from Nagarik Aawaz.

Lastly I am very much confident that we will be able to continue our work for peacebuilding and for the social justice in days to come as well with engaging a larger society for this cause.

Susan Risal

Cheif Executive Officer