About Us

In spite of the political instability, chaos and vulnerability all around, Nagarik Aawaz(NA) has been continuing its activities for peace building. With a clear understanding that youths are the pillars and change agents of the society- Nagarik Aawaz has been implementing a diverse range of peace programs since its establishment in 2001. Nagarik Aawaz and its network member organizations of Sahakarya Shantiko Network (Joint initiative for peace) have mobilized youths in various peace initiative programs through the establishment of peace centers. The concept of peace center, as conceived by NA, is at the center of its all programs, with the community members and young peace volunteers receiving space to interact on different current issues, share their emotions, feelings and acquire the resources needed for developing their intellectual abilities.

Nagarik Aawaz has been implementing the programs as per the relevancy, time and the context in different regions of Nepal. Through one of its program it has involved conflict affected women from 72 districts of Nepal and has also been mobilizing 68 youth peace volunteers in a constructive manner for rebuilding peace and social harmony in the community.  The impact of NA’s work can be seen through the mobilization of the community by the peace volunteers and the participation of youths and women in the various committees in the community. I get immense pleasure and satisfaction while seeing our youths growing; youths have established their own organizations and started working in their community.

In order to advance advocacy related goals, we have been organizing various issue-based interaction and orientation programs including interactions with political parties, the state, conflict victims and other stakeholders about their roles and responsibility in the ongoing peace process.

I would like to conclude by thanking the very energetic and dynamic team of Nagarik Aawaz for carrying forward the organization’s vision and mission in an effective manner. I would also like to assure that we will increase our efforts and dedication many times more to achieve sustainable peace in Nepal. I wish peace and happiness for us all!


Shobha Basnet

Board Chair

Nagarik Aawaz