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Women Leaders in Action

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Nagarik Aawaz since September 2016 has been conducting Women Leaders in Action (WLA) Program. This projects aims to engage 50 conflict women survivors from 5 regions of Nepal for their political empowerment whereby they can participate in democratic community peace process and can live with their dignified lives. In this process women it was planned to provided the advance level trainings on gender, advocacy, rights of citizen, legal rights, transitional justice, non-violence, etc. through capacity building training. After these training theseĀ trained conflict survivor women will conduct the orientation classes to fellow conflict survivor women to enhance their understanding about their rights.

The program chooses the 50 conflict affected women ( Ex ā€“combatants, women who lost their husbands and relatives in the time of conflict) and willing women to strengthen their activism and community mobilization with increased capacity building trainings. Initially Robert Bosch Stiftung funded this project from September 2016 and for other small activities Nagarik Aawaz also secure small funds from Foundation for Just Society from January 2017.

Please watch the video interview of the women leaders: