Just and Peaceful Nepal

Explanation of vision: NA envisions peace and harmony in Nepal with every section of society enjoying an environment of freedom, justice, trust, social support and safety net at all levels.


Nagarik Aawaz leads, capacitates & engages every part of the society.

Explanation of mission: NA will be the center of excellence in peace building. It lead in conceptualize, innovate, and bring new approaches, tools and measures in practice. NA will be a lead organization to offer and provide capacity building services to individuals and organizations; the capacity building measures of NA will be highly appreciated and coveted by the recipients. NA it will mobilize local community people, groups and organizations at the local level. It will educate and inspire government bodies and agencies, civil society organizations, and private sector organizations and attract international agencies and organizations for peace building in Nepal.

Values and guiding principles

  • Transparency and Total Sharing
  • Sustainability (at the level of the program/ institution through appropriate development approach and process, and by mobilizing internal/ local resources as far as practicable)
  • Accountability

    • Towards each other in the networK
    • Beneficiary group and larger community
    • Other stakeholders
    • Donors

  • Conducting social service without being influenced by party politics
  • Respect for Confidentiality (Being Sensitive)
  • Implementing equal representation and inclusive process
  • Proper evaluation of work performance
  • Using a flexible process led approach
  • Frugality and Austerity

Strategic areas of action:

  • Community Capacity Building
  • Advocacy, Networking & Collaboration
  • Research and Documentation
  • Organizational Strengthening