A deep rooted Nepali organization, born in 2001 at the time of conflict to promote peace and non-violence to resolve differences. Nagarik Aawaz aims to institutionalize peace and justice in Nepali society with a strong belief in young people and women. 

Our Mission

To capacitate, encourage and engage young adults and women for just and peaceful society.


Just & Peaceful Nepal

What We've Achieved

  • Provided safety nets for more than 1000 young people affected by conflict.

  • Successfully able to mobilize more than 3000 youth peace volunteers last 18 years.

  • Supported movement building of more than 200 conflict-affected women.

  • Created a loose network of 17 local organizations to amplify, encourage and capacitate local organizations for peace building.

  • More than 10 Peace Centers

  • 18 Successful Program Implementation on Peace Building is various scales.

Our Values of Peace Building

Message from the Board Chair


It is with great pride and joy, I wrote these few words as the chair of this unique organization, Nagarik Aawaz. The sapling planted by the founder Rita Thapa in 2001 and nurtured directly by her until 2008 as its Chief Executive Officer has grown to be a sturdy tree laden with fruits and provides shelter to those who seek peace and happiness.

Recently in April 2018, we Celebrated 17 years of Perseverance, Dedication, Collaboration, Coordination and Solidarity. Nagarik Aawaz has able to create its own peacebuilding core values from its experience in strategic peacebuilding. With this core values, Nagarik Aawaz is set out to create the dream project of Peacebuilding Memorial and Learning Center.

I would like to thank the whole Nagarik Aawaz family and team for all its contribution. Especially, CEO Susan Risal, for leading Nagarik Aawaz team in the ever-changing and demanding context of Nepal.

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to all our donors for believing and trusting in Nagarik Aawaz, sustainable peace and non-violence.

Wishing Peace, Sanity & Prevail.